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May Flowers

Posted by on May 1, 2011 in homeschool, homestead, kid stuff, Utah | 0 comments


Spring is finally… springing, one warm spell at a time. We still have a lot of storms in the forecast (yesterday brought cold wind and spitting snow) but little by little, petal by petal, spring is breaking through…


Leaving spots of leftover sunshine that can be enjoyed even on cloudy days;

SPRING nature craft fairies

Providing new faerie characters for play;

SPRING art papercuts

Inspiring sunny subjects for art, and giving color where there was formerly only grey.

SPRING tulips

Ah, yes, I do believe we’ve made it. Happy May!

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lost and found

Posted by on Apr 12, 2011 in homestead, kid stuff | 2 comments

lost and found kitten

There is a special kitty that lives here, but several days ago, she apparently forgot where she belongs and lost her way. So it was with great relief that she was welcomed home last night after five days of worry.

Welcome home, little Teufel. We missed you.

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good mail

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in art, homeschool, kid stuff | 0 comments

good mail art package

I love good mail. Good mail is like a mini springtime or excellent chocolate on a day you worked out and have no guilt. It’s that good.

good mail swap package

Right in the middle of Sick Week at the Brown House, we received a little spot of cheer-me-up in the form of a homeschool swap package from Rachel. (Thank you, Rachel! That Flarp putty? New prize possession.) Awesome.

good mail sent

Today feels good not because I received good mail, but because I sent it. As of today I am all caught up on giveaway packages, swaps, thank you notes, and package returns.

good mail iHanna postcard swap

I even got most of my postcards done for iHanna’s postcard swap. What? Working ahead of a deadline? Sweet.

good mail thank you mother

And best of all, I received this perfect little note. Swoon.

That, my friends, is very good mail indeed.

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