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new look, new paintings… and I made it to December

Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in GO BOLD: 30x90, paint | 3 comments


Holee molee people, I am not gonna lie: November was rough. And awesome. And rough. And crazy-inspiring and full of lessons and so cool and incredibly awesome and amazing and enlightening and fun.

And rough.

At the beginning of this weekend I had 67 finished paintings of my goal of 90 — and there was no giving up… until I hit a head cold like a brick wall and the hubby said, Honey, you already did this.

And I realized… I did.

Final tally after 30 days of rock solid painting: 67 finished paintings and 19 paintings in some state from just-begun to nearly-finished.

You wanna know what 67 paintings out of a goal of 90 feels like?

It feels awesome.

It feels like I rocked this.

It feels like I more or less conquered the Universe. (Or more accurately, like me and the Universe, we’re soul mates now.)

It feels like I crossed the Sahara and parted the Red Sea and climbed Mount Everest; like I built a house, a skyscraper, the Panama Canal; like I hit the jackpot, made the winning play.

Like I broke the ribbon.

Honestly. It feels good.

There is no photographic evidence {Yet}. I promise to be busy making lots of photographs and uploads over the next several days to show you all the new paintings, but as it turns out, my limit fell somewhere after threebirthdays-hostThanksgiving-pulloutthegarden-gettheyardreadyforwinter-cleanoutthegarage-havehouseguests-sendtheboytoSweden-loveadozenkids-andfourdogs-cookdinner(atleast sometimes)-housekeeping(andmorehousekeeping!)-deadlines-financialfiascos-jobchanges-helpthefriendmove-visitteach-teachSundayschool-mama-sister-wife-friend and paintlikeacrazywoman but somewhere before Beautifully Photograph and Artfully Blog All New Paintings.

(I know you get it.)

And now, it’s after midnight (I said Monday, but it’s still Monday somewhere) and I’m here with my new website (Surprise! But with LOTS of tweaks left to make) and my giant stacks of paintings (I am sooo out of space) and my empty paint tubes (Dear Santa…)…

And a grin on my face.

Happy December, Lovelies. And thank you so much for all of your support.


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wrapping up: my big bold goal

Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in GO BOLD: 30x90 | 0 comments

It’s December 1, and the beginning of December brings the end of my big goal. I’ve been offline for a couple of weeks, keeping my head down, keeping the work going. It’s been no small challenge: since I was here last we’ve had two family birthdays, the big holiday (we hosted!), and that farewell to the big brother (along with all the accompanying adjustments for the littles). The studio is a disaster! I haven’t finished ninety paintings (not even close), but I’m busy wrapping things up and I’m giving myself the weekend to see how I do (maybe even uncover the desk). As busy as it’s been, I’ve been having a blast!

I’ll be back Monday to give December a proper kick-off and to share some yummy stuff (I even have a book review, an interview and a giveaway in store!). Can’t wait to show you all the goodies!

Happy weekend, friends! xo


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a farewell

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in GO BOLD: 30x90, me + my crew, paint | 0 comments

yellow kite painting



My 19 year-old son left for Sweden today. I won’t see him again for two years. The last bit of him I saw was that thin strip of skin on the back of his neck, and I watched it until it disappeared around the bend. Godpseed, Evan.

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