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c.e.d. art retreat: the afterparty

Posted by on Oct 28, 2011 in c.e.d., me + my crew | 1 comment


Take one very busy and perhaps-a-bit-exhausted wife and one overworked and under-appreciated husband; add a few years of work-work-work, a houseful of kids, some dirty floors and big projects, a few dogs, maybe a flat tire here and there, some teenagers, an occasional trip to the emergency room or a lawnmower/washing machine/auto that breaks down, that sort of thing… Now throw in bills, an ex- or two, a few chickens, a mortgage, a retail business, and the rat race. You can add that the kids are great and throw in a few family vacations to ease the equation, but overall you see what we’ve got, right?




US-santa-cruz-harbor-5 crab traps

US-santa-cruz-chef trio johnny's restaurant

Now add a restful, inspiring art retreat for the wife and a perfectly-timed arrival for the husband; some quiet drive time through beautiful scenery, a healthy sea mist, a cozy pub, an ocean view room, and really good eggs. Throw in curls and air hockey, The Chef’s Trio for Two, fresh berries from a roadside stand and time.

Aah, yes. What have you got now?

US-at-the-coast near ocean view inn

Something really, really good.

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c.e.d. art retreat part four: the people

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in c.e.d. | 2 comments

CED-friends Sarah Stevenson Liz Kalloch Marisa Anne

Dear friends,

I have a wish for you.

I have met some truly wonderful people online. In fact, some of my very best friendships began online nearly a decade ago (back when online friendships were still weird!). The internet is an incredible tool that shrinks the world and builds communities in places they could not have existed before. It’s a marvelous thing.

Something enchanting happens when you take those online relationships and add the power of face-to-face. It cements and strengthens friendships in a way that cannot be accomplished via the computer. It is powerful. Add the infused energy of creativity and the deep relaxation of a beautifully planned retreat and what happens is nothing short of magic.

I made some truly magical friends at c.e.d. and I am deeply grateful.

I wish these kinds of magical meetings for all of you; meetings that console and encourage and inspire you in a profound and magical way. Meetings that remind you who you are.



Want to know more about my c.e.d. weekend? Click here to see the food, the art, the setting, and the afterparty.

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c.e.d. art retreat part three: the art

Posted by on Oct 26, 2011 in c.e.d. | 0 comments


The ART!!


This is what we came for, right??


The retreat was so beautifully put together, it was easy to forget that our creativity was the focus…


And by that I mean it flowed freely and was lovely.


Inspiration was everywhere.


We stitched, painted, collaged, envisioned, drew, cut, imagined, sewed, embroidered, planned, bound, glued, and wrote.


We created and were filled.


And the art became just one more part of a truly marvelous weekend.


You can read more about the c.e.d. art retreat here, here, and here.

Want to know more about my c.e.d. weekend? Click here to see the setting, the food, the people, and the afterparty.

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