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my mid-winter mini creative fix

Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in art, bead + wire, homestead | 2 comments

Crystal display on blue tray silver branches

“Mini-creative fixes.” I do believe we have a theme developing here the past few days. These things evolve on their own… you’re cruising along thinking, Gosh, it’s been awhile since I made a king-sized quilt or, say, painted a Pollock-sized mural, and along comes some miniature project and announces itself as your next creative need.

Riiighht. I can dig that.

Turquoise earrings with gold

I have some big ideas bubbling in my brain (something to do with a bloggy celebration), but these little earrings just had to be made. They look pretty in this wintery corner, brightened with spray-painted silver branches and some sparkling crystal. It’s still dark and dreary here (in fact it’s snowing right this minute) but I did manage to photograph these little creative fixes. Seems the winter landscape is influencing my color palette.

Silver-grey-blue beaded earrings

I’m off to find my next creative fix. I think it should involve some chocolate treat-making to fill those crystal dishes, don’t you?

Blue bead earrings with gold

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everyday making

Posted by on Sep 8, 2010 in art, bead + wire, kid stuff, me + my crew, sew + quilt | 3 comments

Months fly by; days fill up fast; weeks disappear.  But one thing the days are always full of is making.

There’s Ian, making music.

Ian making music

And Elihu making art.

Hu paints

We make gifts for big people.


We make gifts for small people.

Baby bonnet

We make warmth for coming cold nights.

Quilt in machine

(A while back we made dreds…)

Hippie chics

We feed friendships (welcome home Heather!!)

And we feed bellies.


And sometimes we make stuff just for the making itself.

Pinch pots

In between the making, I peek into blog-windows and find such lovely inspiration.  Even skimming or on the fly, the creativity and goodness around the blogosphere never cease to amaze me.  I like this little corner of the world where I can share when I am able.  So thank you to those of you who have kept hanging out with me, even though it is only now and then.  Thank you so much for stopping in, and have fun with all of your own everyday making!  *Muah!*

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sending is as fun as receiving

Posted by on Mar 16, 2006 in art, bead + wire | 6 comments


Rain feels so good after a drought.  Having spent a few (several) days in a slump, I finally pulled out today and actually spent time at my sewing machine.  Actually, that should read: I finally spent some time at my sewing machine, and actually pulled out, because it is more often the creativity that solves the slump, not the slump’s disappearance that makes way for the creativity.  Whew, I think that sentence just wore me out.  But before I go lie down (ha!), a peek at some fun mail.  This is meant to be a craft blog, after all. 

Is not the creation of fun mail the most satisfying thing ever?  The only thing that could possibly make it better would be to be present at that moment when the intended friend receives her mail, pulling it from the pile of white envelopes and shiny advertisements, turning it over slowly, thinking, What is this?  And if it is unexpected?  (Glee!)  Even better.  For myself, the simple pleasure of fun mail is great, and I practically get giddy thinking of giving that moment to a friend.  The fact that it lifts me up and uses a bit of the stash is a serendipitous bonus. 
Remember my friend from a few posts ago, for whom I found a few beads?  In Portland I found a few more, and today I made a little pouch for them to arrive in.  I couldn’t resist.

My favorite part is that splendid button!

And here is another peek, of something for another day:

On the table tonight: vegetable beef stew

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