inkstitch family

Welcome to inkstitch!

You have found the online home of storyteller and art-maker, Denice Barlow Brown. I am the homeschooling, homebirthing mama to nine rather awesome people. I also art-journal, paint, teach, write, sew, quilt, garden and draw. Together with my crew I play poker with candy and keep chickens. I want to try kayaking and soap-making and lots of other things.

I began this blog in February of 2006 as a sometimes-record of makey things and family life, and indeed, lots of life and making has happened since then… we keep a well-stocked supply cabinet to help us all get paint on our hands every chance we get. My favorite apprentices range in age from 2 to 23 years, and they are all the most fun I could wish for. Sometimes it all adds up to a lot more hours than fit into a day, but I do my best to share bits of adventure from my crowded studio.

Please introduce yourself… I always stop by your place eventually and I’m so happy to meet you. My site, my work, my art, and everything else is a work in progress, so enjoy the irregularities with me, and thank you for stopping by!



(family photo and main-page author photo by Jennifer Grigg)