Posted by on Nov 20, 2011 in art, every day art, paint | 11 comments


This week, a collection of simple things: tiny vignettes of gratitude for the little things I enjoy. 4 x 4 inches, acrylic on recycled chipboard.


(Holy brick wall, Batman. This painting every single day thing is every bit as challenging as I knew it would be. Despite all my “no pressure” talk, I have the crazy wish to focus on paint this month, so every time I am about to post an art journal page I feel like I’m cheating. Not because the sketchbook doesn’t count, but because sketching and on-the-fly art journaling is easier for me, and I want to push myself into making the time for the paint I’m craving. So although I’ve busted on the “every day” bit, I’ll keep sharing what comes.)