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recycled gift box OPEN
Here’s a little Valentine project for you: mini gift boxes, perfect for holding stickers, little gifts, secret notes, or anything else you can think of. You probably have on hand all the supplies needed to make one — or a few. Anyone who reads mayamade is already accustomed to saving their toilet paper rolls, and the rest of the list is pretty ordinary, just masking tape and gesso and/or acrylic paint.
recycled gift box
Step One: Flatten the roll and bend in the edges in a crescent shape. Do this to both ends.

Step Two: Use masking tape to close one end, and press the tape securely.

Step Three: Coat in gesso and acrylic paint.

Step Four: Add details and finish as you like. This is where we went a little crazy. We punched and stamped and painted and sharpied and beribboned (is beribboned a word?). It was all rather addicting and we kept doing just one more.
recycled gift box COLLECTION
It was hard to pick a favorite, but I’m pretty partial to the kiddos’ masterpieces…
recycled gift box FAVES
These were fast, easy, and fun. Which was good, you know, so we could get on with the eating of Valentine candy.
recycled gift box CANDY